Music Hub Annual BBQ


Music Hub Annual BBQ

Music Hub Funded


10:00 until 14:00

Everyone is welcome to our annual fundraising barbeque which will be held at Rockcliffe Rugby Club from 10am to 2pm. Come enjoy our tasty food, cake stall and raffle, and help us raise money for the Music Hub so we can continue putting on our Saturday sessions free of cost.

Please see below for the day's running times. To try to keep queuing to a minimum and enable you to enjoy the day there are also suggested BBQ times for each group. However, if you have children in more than one ensemble or see a gap in the queue please feel free to be flexible.

                       // Ensemble //                                               // Performance Time //                 // BBQ time //

Youth Training Strings 10.00 – 10.20 am 12:00pm
Killingworth Children's choir 10.20 -10.40am 12:00pm
Beginner strings 10.40 -11.00am 12:30pm
North Tyneside Children's Choir 11.00 -11.20am 12:00pm
Junior Recorders 11.20am 12:30pm
Symphony Orchestra 11.30-12.00 12:00pm
Youth Training Wind Band 12.00-12.40pm 1:00pm
Beginner Wind Band 12:40pm – 1:00pm 1:00pm
Vermont Big Band 1:00 – 1.50pm 2:00pm
Recorder Consort 1.50pm– 2:10pm 1:30pm
Brass Ensemble 2:10 – 2.30pm 1:00pm
Concert Band 2.30-3.00pm 1:30pm

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