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Have a look at all the fantastic links and resources we've found that we think would be perfect for getting creative at home!


NTMEH Music Takeaway  - every week a new song

NTMEH Music Takeaway

We've created our very own set of music activities for you to enjoy! We want you to get involved and send us your work, get creative! Suitable for all.



Great British Home Chorus - Daily at 5:30pm

Missing singing in a choir? Get involved with Gareth Malone's virtual one! Suitable for all



Beat Goes On Body Percussion - Daily at 11am


Ollie, the creater of Beat Goes On and former STOMP cast member is posting body percussion videos every day to get you active on your feet and on the beat! Suitable for ages 6 and above.



Singing With Rhythm

National Youth Choirs of Scotland are uploading daily singing with rhythm activity videos on their website. Suitable for ages 7 and above.



Listening Activities


National Youth Choirs of Great Britain are each day uploading a piece of music from their collection to listen to, some you may never have heard of! Why don't you have a listen and get in touch with us to let us know your thoiughts on the music you listened to? Suitable for ages 9 and above.



Myleene's Music Klass - Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Myleene Klass is uploading music lessions to her youtube page! She will be teaching us every Monday and Friday about rhythm, harmony, reading music and more, as well as playing your requests! Why don't you check out her Disney lullabies videos each Wednesday perfect for our Early Years families? Suitable for all ages.



 BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize Music area has lots of interesting lessons and clips for KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE learners.


BBC Ten Pieces

Get involved in exploring classical music at home with these exciting films, interactive lessons and instrumental arrangements. Many of our schools teach cross-curricular projects in the summer term around one of the ten chosen pieces. Why don't you write a poem or draw a picture interpreting the music? Suitable for ages 7 to 14.


Sing Up Free Resources

Sing Up have opened some of their resources to us all so we can keep singing even though we are not in school! With different categories for KS1, KS2 and KS3&4, they have shared songs you can learn from home and some fun warm ups to get stuck into. There's even a section to learn some sign language and makaton! Suitable for ages 4 and above.



Free Music Apps we Love

Why don't you explore some of our favourite music apps?



Suitable for all ages

Use this app to explore playing instruments and make your own songs.


Ultimate Guitar

Suitable for ages 9 and above

Have your own ukulele or guitar? Download this app for hundreds of chords, tabs and lyrics



Suitable for ages 11 and above

This app is perfect for students who want to work on their music theory listening skills. Exercises including interval identification, chord progressions and melodic dictation.


BBC Sounds

Suitable for ages 12 and above

The BBC has lots of interesting podcasts available on their sounds app. Including playlists of classical music, musical showtunes. We particularly like BBC Radio 3's "Composer of the Week" series and BBC Radio 4's "History of Music" episode from their "Start the Week" series.




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